2018 Music Video Accelerator

This year we’re inviting a cohort 10 teams from Northern Colorado to embark on a journey of learning, and providing them budgets and resources for the creation of a series new music videos to premiere during FoCoMX in Fort Collins.

The 53:14 Music Video Experiment gives filmmakers and musicians a limited window (53 hours and 14 minutes) to conceive, shoot, edit and delivery an original music video. Similar to a 48 Hour Film Festival, this experiment comes with a catch. Filmmakers and musicians won’t know who they are working with until Kickoff on April 20th. During that event, filmmaker teams and bands/musicians will be randomly paired up and sent off to create their original music video in just over 2 days.

To help with this project, we’re providing each team a budget of $500 to use however you wish. Additionally, we’ll be hosting some communal meals throughout the shoot days and providing access to some unique filming locations, like Old Town Square, the Music District and The Lyric.

The music videos will premiere the following weekend, during FoCoMX at the Lyric, in association with live music.

In preparation for this experiment, we’ll be hosting a series of preliminary meet ups and events. The first event will take place March 1 at the Music District from 4:30pm-5:30pm. This will be a Mix & Meet event, providing an opportunity for filmmakers and production people to form teams, or join up on existing teams. So whether you’re looking to join or form a team, or even if you already have a team and maybe just need an extra member or two, we’d strongly encourage you to come to this event if you’re planning to sign up for the Experiment. We will also be providing a bunch of information about future events and the project parameters.

We also encourage you to stay after for the Sound & Vision Cinema event at the Music District, where they will be screening High Fidelity! We expect that free event to sell out, so please RSVP in advance.

We will only be accepting a limited number of applicants. We are looking for a wide diversity of musical groups, ideally encompassing a broad range of genres/styles. We are excited to work with both established and up-and-coming musicians, but we do ask that you have a selection of professionally recorded tracks available.

Bands apply here: http://nocomuvi.net/home/5314-band-application/

Filmmaker Teams apply here: http://nocomuvi.net/home/5314-filmmaker-application/

Many of our networking and learning events will also be open to the public, so be sure to join our meetup group to receive updates!

Connect with the community of NoCo music + video makers

Northern Colorado is rich with support for all kinds of multimedia makers.  There’s a little something for everyone!

Whether you’re looking for professional support or new connections in the community, here are a few regular events and meetups in the area to put on your radar:


The Northern Colorado Music + Video Cluster is an open group for multimedia makers working to advance their craft, business, and community.